Spalding gymanstics bars

In most cases you are going to be practicing gymnastics at a gymnasium. But if you, or your junior gymnast, can’t wait to get to the gym, or you don’t have readily available access to one, you can actually do your own set up.

That includes gymnastics bars. And your backyard can provide the necessary space for you to tumble and fly around.

However, and this should go without saying, that safety should be your main priority. If you decide to go with your own setup of bars, you will also want to make sure that you have the necessary padding to surround your setup. And do make sure that you always have someone by your side when using them.

Or, perhaps, you are actually a gymnastics instructor looking for equipment that your students can practice on.

Either way, you can actually get gymnastics equipment delivered to your front door with the magic of the internet.

Here are four bar sets that you can order today on Amazon and begin your own gymnastics training:

Tuml Track Junior Gymanstics Bar


The Tumbl Trak Junior Bar Pro is the perfect bar for junior future gymnastics champions. It only takes up a 4’X6′ area on the floor and has an adjustable height of 38″ to 59″. It inludes a solid maple cross bar. The product ships in three packages and has very simple assembly. Take it out, put it together, and you’ve got bars ready to go for your little gymnast.

Price: $479

Tumbl 5-in-1 Gymanstics BarThe Tumbl Trak 5-in-1 Gymnastics Bar is another great bar set for junior gymnasts. It is called the 5-in-1 because there are fiver different ways to set up the bars. Like the previous example, this has very easy setup. And the bars adjust to create an even bar set or an uneven bar set. This double bar also adjusts between heights of 38″ and 59″. However, a few extra inches of padding are recommended with this set compared to the single bar pro option.

Price: $859

Nimble Sports 3Play Horizontal Bars


The Nimble  Sports “3Play” Horizontal Bar is another great flexible alternative that lets you adjust the bars and have a single bar, even bars, and uneven bars based on your needs. The bars adjust between 3 and 5 feet, and the width can adjust between 18 and 30 inches. The one year warranty is also nice with this, ensuring that you’re getting a quality product.

Price: $619.95

Spalding gymanstics bars



The Spalding UTB-644 Classic  is the mother-load of bars, and has a price-tag to match. But Spalding is also the official supplier of equipment for USA Gymnastics. This is the bar that meets specifications for IG, USAG, and NCAA…if that is what you are looking. And this one isn’t just for the little tykes. So if you are a serious gymnast, and your budget allows for it, this one is the obvious choice.

Price: 4,069.95